Sixscape is an innovative infosecurity startup which bridge the gaps in authentication and secure communication.  Sixscape provides a security platform which simplify the issuing of digital certs for strong authentication and encryption.  Together with our client apps, we make use of digital certs as digital identities of users to provide strong authentication, secure communication (such as secure email, secure chat, secure file transfer, etc.) and document signing applications.


These security services which are enabled by our Identity Registration Protocol (IRP), is currently patent pending but has been awarded Port#4604 by the Internet Assigned Number Authority (IANA).  Our security platform also enables strong IoT security by automating the process of issuing a digital identity to every devices without having any manual processes.


Sixscape seeks to empower our team to take initiative, and to create through collaboration. We seek talented and motivated individual who like experience building a startup to be part of the team.