Office Add-in for Signing and Encrypting Documents

In today’s age of security breach world, is it possible to send confidential documents securely in Office? For example, Bank issues private and confidential word documents to their customers. The private and sensitive information contained in bank documents is the stuff of an identity hacker’s dream.

Security threats don’t always come from outside an Organization, but it has also become easier for people within the organization to commit a security breach. Many organizations are struggling to manage these document threats, but it ends up with more complex security process. So how to keep it authenticated and simple? The Sixscape has a revolutionary solution by creating this Office Add-in. This add-in is used to enhance the document creation applications in Office (including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, etc.). It uses client certification for authentication and adds new commands to the existing Office menus to allow digital signing, encrypting and secure time stamping of documents.

Office Add-In For Signing and Encrypting Document


Why you should prefer this Product?

  • Easy and secured method to send documents to any other Office users with Sixscape add-in.
  • It is simple to send secured, encrypted, time stamping documents through end-to-end direct connections (via Sixchat Protocol). So no more intermediary servers where most of the hacking happens.
  • Ensure recipients can open encrypted documents and verify signed documents.
  • Every time when Office starts, it retrieves Client cert from DIR server (if the user already had a Client Cert in DIR).

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