PDF Signing and Encrypting Tool

To share PDF documents securely is the most complex and tough process. The Portable Document Format are widely used everywhere. Usually, we all have a thought, PDF document is secured and safe to send confidential information. Unfortunately, Password protected PDF documents can be easily accessed by intruders. For example, Bank prefers PDF to send confidential information to their customers and leading the intruders to CyberCrime.

The Sixscape, PDF Signing and Encryption tool is a desktop application that makes it simple and strong PDF security to documents. This product replaces password authentication by strong client authentication which is more secured and safe.

This product is simple, integrated means of digitally signing and/or encrypting PDF documents, archiving, as well as securely exchanging them with other users of our PDF add-in. A secure document repository could be used to backup and archive documents, as well as exchange them with (or distribute them to) other users. PDF Signing and encryption is used to protect any documents where client authentication is required.pdf up

Why you should prefer this product?

Replaces Username/Password authentication by exchanging Client digital certificates for Strong Client Authentication.

Removes all the complexity and makes it simple in creating PDF signing/encrypted documents.

PDF encryption enables you to control who can open the document and define the access rights of that user.

It allows you to send PDF documents to other users of this Sixscape app, using secure end-to-end direct connections (Sixchat Protocol).




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