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The Sixscape products are highly reliable, simplify to use and cost-efficient. This PKI Tool product used to create and manage X.509 digital certificates. PKI tool is a standalone GUI application for Windows that implements all functions of a Public Key Infrastructure (PKI).

PKI tool implements a standalone centralized facility. Normally users would be provided with both certificate and private key in a PKCS#12 package or security token. They would not need to create a CSR (Certificate Signing Request) and private key, or submit the CSR to the PKI through some external means. All key material, including all users private keys (encrypted) is available to the PKI Tool operator in the PKI Tool database.CertCheck

PKI tool creates two types of digital certification : Server Cert and Client Cert

Server Certs bind the included public key to a node name (e.g. They are installed in a Web server to enable SSL, and provide strong server to client authentication. These are similar to the conventional server certs obtained from online Certificate Authorities (CAs). There are two main differences:

  1. You can create as many server certs as you like with PKI Tool, with complete control over all aspects of the cert.
  2. They are private hierarchy certs, which means the root and intermediate certs needed to validate the server cert are not normally found in most Web servers and browsers, but must be installed in all such software to prevent getting “Untrusted cert” errors upon connect. Once you install the CA certs for such a cert, they perform exactly the same function that one from a commercial CA does. Of course, the information in a PKI Tool cert has not been vetted by a trusted third party, but only by the operator of PKI Tool.

Client Certs bind the included public key to a person’s name, email address, and or UserID. They are installed in a Web browser to provide strong (cryptographic) client to server authentication (replacing username/password authentication). They can also be used for end-to-end secure email with any S/MIME compliant email client, for document signing, or other kinds of authentication in network messaging. As with server certs created by PKI Tool, the client certs are also private hierarchy, so the relevant root certs must be installed in all relying applications (e.g. Web server and all Web browsers).

 Why Sixscape PKI Tool?

  • Provides simpler and easier to create and manage digital cert.
  • Allows to create root and intermediate cert of a hierarchy.
  • All data is backed up with high end security.
  • High availability and resilience.
  • Uses strong mutual authentication and access control
  • Fast deployment and easier to retrieve all data (PKI objects) from any backup file.

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