SixChat Intermediary Message Store

This Sixscape product allows you to connect recipient (directly) and if no response, messages are stored in Intermediary Message Store and delivered when recipient log in back.

Normally the Sixchat works only in Synchronous Mode (Both sender and receiver present at the time of messaging) but this product adds Asynchronous messaging (delayed delivery) capabilities to Sixchat which helps to schedule a delayed delivery at a specified date and time.

The key benefit of this product is the backward compatibility path (when sender/recipient have only legacy IPv4 connectivity) which it provides even for synchronous messaging. For example if Bob’s node is IPv4 only and when Alice try to connect Bob. It retrieves the address of Bob’s intermediary server (both IPv4 and IPv6) as registered in DIR. This server would still relay messages even though Bob is incapable of accepting incoming connections directly over IPv4.

If both Alice and Bob have IPv6 connectivity, then the connections will be direct end-to-end connectivity. It just requires IPv6 service for IPv4 users to move up to end-to-end direct connections, no upgrade required.




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