SixChat User Agent Windows / Android version

In IPv6 (Internet Protocol Version 6) World, it is now possible for any system to connect directly to any other system, without intermediary servers. This is an evolutionary step beyond client/server, called End2End Direct Connectivity. Every system can now have a public IPv6 address.

The Sixscape have created a new product called Sixchat User Agent. Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) issued Port 4605 for Sixchat. This User agent (combined client and server) can initiate both outgoing connections to other systems and also accepts multiple incoming connections. For example, Alice wants to connect Bob. Alice can now directly connect to Bob without intermediary servers through mutual strong Client authentication. All communications is decentralized.


Why you should prefer this product?

  • It supports end-to-end direct secure chat.
  • Higher availability and more scalable. It works as long as there is network connectivity between two systems, even if the organization’s link to the Internet is down.
  • No more time consuming intermediary server.
  • Strong mutual client authentication for high end security. No traffic is exposed on intermediary server so it is free from hackers.

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