Solution for Organizations to Issue Secure Tokens to Employees

The Passwords remain the same login authentication for many Organization and it is the number one vulnerability for CyberCrime threat. Think about an Organization, whose employees use their Username/Password for login which give way for intrusion leading to compromised Company confidential information.

Sixscape Hacker-free Solution:

We provide a strong mutual client authentication replacing Username/Password leading to a stress-free secured Organization. The security tokens can be generated by a local HR employee, or centrally at the DIR server, and securely delivered to the employee (along with the passphrase). The key material could be delivered to the user as a PKCS #12 file (for soft token) or in a FIPS-140-2 USB token (for hard token). Optionally, employees could be allowed to request a client cert themselves, which could be automatically approved based on “shared secret” information available in the employee database (done by an automated “Registration Authority” server on the DIR server). The key material could be used for cryptographic authentication to the corporate intranet Website, and optionally to the corporate network.


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