Email Security Add-in for S/MIME

S/MIME (Secure/Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions) is a standard for public key encryption and used for authentication, message integrity, digital signatures and encryption (data security). It ensures that the email message sent by a legitimate sender and provides encryption for incoming and outgoing messages. To use S/MIME, it requires sender and receiver to have an X.509 Client digital certificate for strong client authentication. The main obstacle in deploying S/MIME is the most complicated process and more difficult to scan incoming S/MIME messages which results in Malware threat. The Sixscape solves these problems by this Email Security Client Add-In for S/MIME. The main goal for this add-in is to enable S/MIME more user-friendly and simple for everyone to send/receive secured and encrypted email.

Add-In For S/MIME

Add-In For S/MIME Why you should prefer this Product?

  • Simple and easier to use S/MIME email with more advanced secured process.
  • Innovative Next-generation product to send secure email messages through end-to-end connectivity (Sixchat Protocol).
  • No more time-consuming request/receive signed message process.
  • Every time when the email client starts, it checks for validity and revocation status of that cert. This allows you to send/receive trusted messages.

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