SixMail Security Add-In for Email Clients





SixMail Add-In for email clients can be added to a number of leading email clients including Microsoft and Apple Mail. It extends the capabilities of email clients for S/MIME messaging in several important ways:

  • LDAP integration for group address book functionality with full support for S/MIME client certificates
  • LDAP integration for simplified configuration of connection to Internet (SMTP/IMAP) E-mail accounts
  • Addition of S/MIME 3.1 compression feature
  • Security Labels for simplified security feature selection and control of secured messages

Once the add-in is installed, when you start your email client, you will notice three new icons in the main ribbon:

The Certificates icon will bring up a local copy of the Microsoft Certificate Store viewer:

This allows you to manage (view/import/export/delete) your certificates, as well as those of others and the Intermediate and Root certs.

The Contacts icon brings up the address book (for personal address books and LDAP group address books):

This allows you to see a list of entries in a personal address book or LDAP server. If you double click on one of those entries you can view and edit the properties for that entry:

If you click on the New Mail button on the main window, it will bring up a message compose window. You can select the message classification, which determines which security features are to be used, and limits what can be done with the message (or a reply to it) in the future. In this case, Secret was selected, which automatically enables Sign and Encrypt.

If you click the To button on the compose message form, you can select recipients from any Personal Address Book or directly from LDAP. This will add their full name, their email address and their S/MIME certificate into the message being composed:

The compose form now has that recipient’s info, including their digital certificate, so encrypted messages can be sent.