IoT Security Platform Released to Address End-to-End IoT Security

Singapore September 5, 2021 – Sixscape releases the IoT Security Suite to provider end-to-end digital certificate-based security for IoT

The IoT Security Suite provides platform and device agnostic digital certificate-based security for IoT deployments.

“IoT security is something that we have been researching for some time and identifying gaps in existing security solutions as well as areas prohibitive to the explosive growth of the IoT space ” stated Dean Bell, Sixscape’s CEO. “We notice that platform and device agnostic solutions were either not available or they did not incorporate digital certificate security for identity and authentication and data encryption. Further more, secure updates were key to the security lifecycle in addition to the need to address country-specific regulatory requirements.”  continued Bell.

The IoT Security Suite integrates with all IoT platforms and devices in addition to multi-CA support and is deployed and managed through the popular IDcentral and IDcentralEDGE, IRP powered infrastrcuture.