Secure DNS


Secure DNS

IPv6-only Networks

As more and more service providers move to IPv6 the enterprises need to look to deploying DNS which can support an IPv6-only network


Hardware based or VM based, enterprises need the option with un-compromised security and ability to scale

Attack Security

The most secure operating system with all attack surfaces removed and proactive IPS/IDS functionality with in-built firewall technology is needed to combat modern day threats


As 5G penetration increases ENUM support will become imperative to support SIP based addresses


As internet accessibility increases then DNS systems need to be able to scale to millions of queries per second


DNS systems need to support DNS Security Extensions to sign and protect zones and domains

Product Information

Secure FreeBSD-based DNS server with DNSSEC support for IPv6-only networks and additional support for IPv4/IPv6 dual-stack networks. Comprehensive deployment of secure DNS-at-scale with built-in automation for key signing key, zone signing key rollover and instant prefix renumbering.

Sixscape delivers future-proof technology solutions that are secure, intuitive and reliable. The company creates next- generation fully certified IPv6 compliant networking appliance and VM ready DNSSEC products which are compliant with common international standards.

As enterprises transition to IPv6, they face the daunting challenge of adapting existing tools to match the specifications of the new standard. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the basic infrastructure services such as network configuration, security, and naming services. SixscapeDNS addresses the critical need for domain name services in an IPv6 environment while providing backward compatibility with existing IPv4 networks. Each appliance ensures the integrity of DNS data through layers of built-in security features (defense-in-depth) and an automated software update system to immediately address DNS vulnerabilities.

FreeBSD hardened operating system provides state of the art security with built-in IDS/IPS, host based firewall and all attack surfaces removed
Future proof your networks with IPv6-only network support in addition to IPv4/6 dual-stack
Set and forget automation of key signing key and zone signing key rollover in addition to instant prefix renumbering of IPv6 networks and ENUM support