Client Digital Certificates

Client certs are used for strong client to server authentications. These bind a user’s name and email address to the public key, and every user of the system needs their own client cert. Client certs are used to enable S/MIME secure email and other secure applications.

Client digital certs are also used to enable S/MIME secure email, strong authentication to networks, signing of PDF documents, etc.

Some of the identifying information is supplied by the certificate applicant. For a client certificate, this includes the following:


The Registration Authority (RA) must verify all of the information supplied by the applicant that is to be included in the certificate, to be accurate and current as of the time of application.

This information is strung together into what is called the Subject Distinguished Name. It is a list of name/value pairs, using either the short or long field names (e.g. “CN” or “CommonName”), separated by commas. This DN (Distinguished Name) uniquely identifies one person (or one computer) in the world. This syntax comes from the OSI X.500 Directory System. For example, the above information would produce the following Subject Distinguished Name (Subject DN):


This Client digital cert is used by Sixchat. The Sixchat is one of the innovative application created by Sixscape. It is a end-to-end direct communications with exchange of Client digital certs for mutual strong authentication. This helps users to send/receive informations secured and hassle-free communication (i.e. No intermediary server).