End2End Direct Messaging

In this Internet Surveillance world, is that all messaging applications used in day today activities are safe and secured? Most of the messaging applications that are easy to use don’t rely on security and apps that are really secured are not easy to use.

The Sixscape technologies are strongly secure and simpler to use. One of the innovative approach of Sixscape is direct end-to-end messaging called SixChat.

This messaging app is not similar to other messaging app(Skype, Whatsapp, etc.). By using this app, users can connect directly to each other without intermediary server. This is a break-through in messaging technologies. Now the question will be this is what the other messaging app does? The answer is NO! The messaging app currently in use is not direct end-to-end connectivity so the information can easily be hacked by third party. These problems can never happen after this end-to-end direct messaging (Sixchat) is used in practice. This is an evolutionary step beyond client/server and every node can now have a public IPv6 address.

In this end-to-end direct messaging, only Client certs are used for strong mutual authentication. For example, Bob and Alice wants to communicate each other, first they both exchange client certs for secured communication.