Why Sixscape

Sixscape Communications is a cyber security company which specializes in Next Generation secure communications and authentications solutions which hide the complexity and simplify the request, retrieval, deployment and ongoing management of digital certificates in the cryptographic PKI space.

We leverage new market drivers such as 5G, IoT, M2M and IPv6 top deliver new solutions to legacy problems in secure communications and authentication, leveraging such developments to develop technology an entirely new end-end Direct Connectivity paradigm made possible by IPv6 that eliminates intermediary servers and delivers true end-2-end encryption between two people or machines.

This improves security, availability and performance and ensures that your communications are truly private and end-to-end encrypted. By creating a family of secure infrastructure which supports our communication and authentication mechanisms and apps for Windows, Mac, mobile and IoT devices, Sixscapre are revolutionizing how the world communicates on the new IPv6 Internet delivered over 5G. Sixscape’s technology leverages market drivers such as the Internet of Things (IoT), M2M (Machine to Machine) and 5G communication.

Sixscape understands the complexities of PKI deployment and management and the business impact incurred by the resources needed for ongoing management. With over 100 years combined experience in the development, management and go to market of crypto technology, Sixscape has lived and breathed the PKI business through its history, R&D and product development. Through the management team’s extensive industry experience in facing these challenges on a daily basis is born a suite of products grounded in the ease of creating and managing digital identities. Aligned with industry standards, Sixscape pushes the boundaries on new approaches to both current and expected future growth and security challenges and delivering security-at-scale in what we do.