Email Security Suite


S/MIME Automation

Automatically, seamlessly and centrally deploy S/MIME certificates to popular mail clients in seconds for digitally signing and encrypting of mails at enterprise-scale

Retrospective Email Encryption

Retrospectively encrypt all your legacy clear-text emails, preventing unauthorized local/cloud mailbox access, and addressing compliance

Secure Large File Transfers

Large files securely shared using S/MIME certificates. No more shared-secrets or passwords needed for protecting encrypted data-at-rest and in-transit

Onsite Key Escrow

Onsite escrow of your employees’ private encryption keys and certificates mitigating  accidental loss or malicious removal, addressing data retention/compliance

Prospective Email Protection

Policy-driven encryption of all outgoing emails and incoming clear-text emails “on-the-fly”

Share Files To Multiple Recipients

Automated recipients’ certificate selection and in-built file compression for securely sharing of large files to any number of internal or external recipients

HSM Protected Keys

Multi FIPS140-2 HSM support with MofN access for secure storage of employees’ keys on-premises, allowing organizations to achieve and maintain compliance

Third Party Integrations

Integration to popular Email clients, Mobile Device Management solutions, Cloud-based file-sharing services, directory services delivering a 360° security posture

Enterprise Supply Chain Security

Ensure third-party identity assurance and integrity, and securely communicate with your supply chain using S/MIME certificate-based email

“Sixscape Email Security Suite helped us secure our communications, protect our identities and securely deploy communications to personal devices” – IT Director, leading Singapore based university