End-To-End Communication


End-to-end secure communication

End-to-end Encrypted Communications

Until now end to end encrypted communication has not really existed, intermediary servers have always been present and contradicting the end to end security narrative

Network Address Translation

Network Address Translation of NAT translates public IP addresses to private address and break the security which is trying to be deployed, NAT is a fundamental part of IPv4


IPv6 is the next generation internet, supersedes IPv4 and offers essentially an unlimited number of public IP addresses for devices and nodes


5G changes the game in communications and allows segmented networks, greater security and IPv6 to truly be engaged for security communication across a number of mediums

Large, Secure File Transfer

Since the internet started there has always been an issue of securing large file sizes securely, email, FTP and SFTP did not address this adequately


Organisations and governments have attempted to have visibility into communications on the back of a number of justifications which clearly do not take privacy into account

Secure peer-to-peer communication

Ensure maximum security for your chat messages, voice and video calls. Sixscape Unified Communications Suite uses a end-to-end direct architecture without any central servers. All encryption happens on the user’s devices. In addition to encryption, participating clients can perform strong client authentication using digital certificates which ensures that the person at the other end is indeed the one you want to communicate with.

Multiple platform support

Install Sixscape Unified Communications Suite on all platforms. Available for Desktops, tablets and mobile phones.

Product Information

Sixscape Unified Communications Suite is an end-2-end encrypted communications platform for chat, audio/video and file transfer with X.509 certificates at each end and no intermediary servers. Utilising IPv6 networks a public IPv6 address is received by the service provider and provides and automatic update to a IP address server for identifying users. All communications and end to end encrypted with private keys remaining safe on each device, be it a mobile or desktop device.

Finally end to end encrypted communication between two devices or nodes can be achieved with no external interference from individuals, companies or governments.

Chat end to end with individuals and groups with the assurance of end to end encrypted communications with no intermediary servers or organisations 
Ensure your audio and video communications are secure between you and the recipient without the reliance on third party applications, servers and hosted services
Carry out secure file transfer with end to end encrypted communication using an S/MIME envelope as a secure wrapper to your files and folders with no file size limit