IoT Security


IoT Security

Bandwidth & Message Size

NBIoT and UNB networks require small message size and low number of messages per day

Multi IoT Vendors

IRP protocol level automation and SDK allow multi-vendor integration


Traditional encryption methods do not address new technology requirements of IoT

Multi Communication Mechanism

From IoT to IIoT to wearables, IoT needs requires multi level communication across BLE, cellular, wifi, RFID etc

Closed Network Certificates

IoT networks are often closed and need private hierarchy certificates as opposed to public certificates

On-premise vs Cloud

IoT security needs to support both on-prem and cloud deployments

Product Information

Sixscape IoT Security Suite is a PKI based product which enables IoT devices and users to be issued with a digital identity. Sixscape’s Identity Registration Platform allows SixIoT to issue digital identities to millions or billions of IoT devices distributed across various domains, avoiding the traditional PKI bottleneck of centralized digital certificate issuance.

Sixscape IoT Security Suite enables IoT administrators to securely register, manage and provision digital certificates for IoT devices. Sixscape IRP Platform also supports integration with various IoT cloud platforms to automatically publish the issued certificates, thus avoiding all the manual registration procedures.

Easy to use SDK for popular platforms such as Arduino, Raspberri Pi, Intel Galileo
Support for advanced cryptographic algorithms: RSA/ECDSA, 3DES, AES 256Bit etc
Integration with Sixscape Identity Registration platform for seamless device certificate lifecyle management