Password-less application & web authentication


Password-less authentication using crypto-challenge for Web, SaaS, Desktop


Remembering and resetting passwords impacts employee efficiency

Employee Behaviour

Data breach due to exposed passwords either stolen or re-used

IT Oversight

Visibility on effective adherence to policies and safeguard procedures

Password Sharing

Employees share passwords and re-use across different applications, internally and externally

Employee Attrition

Employees are time consuming on to onboard and leave with access to corporate assets

Passwords are Clumsy

Employees need to remember and keep track of numerous usernames and passwords

Product Information

Sixscape Authentication Security Suite is a product for mobile devices (currently Android and iOS) to support Strong Client Authentication. It turns your phone into an “authentication token” for use with online services (e.g. web-based accounting) or workstation login (Windows or MacOS). Password-less crypto-challenge based authentication for workstations, web and SaaS uses your mobile device, private key and biometrics to authenticate you any time to any device.

True2FA with cryptography based password-less authentication using a unique combination of your private key, a cryptographic challenge response and your biometrics
Authenticate to your workstation, web application. SaaS deployment or payment portal within seconds using your mobile phone and your digital DNA
Your private key never leaves your phone, cryptographic challenge response is created with your public key and decrypted with your private key