DNS Security Extensions


DNSSEC is critical to your internet presence. As enterprises begin the transition to IPv6, they face the daunting challenge of adapting existing tools to match the specifications of the new standard. Nowhere will this be more apparent than in the basic infrastructure services such as network configuration, security, and naming services. The SixscapeDNS appliances are designed to address the critical need for domain name services in an IPv6 environment while providing backward compatibility with existing IPv4 networks. Each appliance ensures the integrity of DNS data through layers of built-in security features (defense-in-depth) and an automated software update system to immediately address DNS vulnerabilities.

SixscapeDNS boasts easy-to-use advanced management features, layered security through an integrated firewall, hardened OS, and intrusion detection system, comprehensive API methods for easy integration with various back-end services, IPv6-Ready Gold Certification from the IPv6 Forum, and industry leading performance reaching up to 200,000 authoritative and more than 50,000 recursive queries per second. SixscapeDNS features S-Shield Intrusion Detection System that includes an option specifying a DNS Resource Record type when setting rule parameters. To aid in advanced troubleshooting and network diagnostics, SixscapeDNS now provides a Restricted UNIX Shell with common tools like tcpdump, dig, nslookup, ping, ping6, traceroute, traceroute6, telnet, ssh, scp, and other UNIX commands preferred by most administrators.