Singapore Cybersecurity Firm Sixscape Secures S$2 Million Funding From Tembusu ICT Fund I

Singapore, 1 December 2016 – Sixscape Communications (“Sixscape”), a homegrown developer of secure communication software for desktop and mobile devices, has raised S$2 million in funds from Tembusu ICT Fund I (“ICT Fund I”), a software-focused venture capital fund headquartered in Singapore.

Founded in 2016 by a Singaporean IT professional and an American technology entrepreneur, Sixscape specializes in next-generation secure communication solutions for consumers and businesses.

Online communication channels such as email, chat messaging and file transfer apps typically come with some form of security, but can still be vulnerable to hacking and other cyber attacks.

Sixscape protects individual users’ identities by automating the Public Key Infrastructure (“PKI”) process across multiple channels: email, chat messaging and file transfer apps. PKI is a set of roles, policies and procedures that enable users and computers to securely exchange data over the Internet and verify the identity of the other party. Without PKI, sensitive information can still be encrypted and exchanged, but there would be no assurance of the identity of the other party.

In an industry first, the Sixscape apps’ instant messaging and file transfer functions use the same security protocol found in end-to-end secure email. With Sixscape’s technology, PKI can for the first time be fully automated for email, chat messaging and file transfer apps, ensuring a hassle-free and secure experience for users. Sixscape’s secure messaging apps are available for Windows desktops as well as Android and iOS.

Mr. Lawrence Hughes, Sixscape’s co-founder and Chief Technology Officer, said: “We plan to become a global leader in secure messaging, which we have simplified by automating digital certificate management and network configuration. This is accomplished through our own Identity Registration Protocol, and unprecedented integration with the LDAP network directory protocol. Within 60 seconds of installing our IPv6-based app, you can exchange fully encrypted, digitally signed messages with other users. Our next-generation technology positions us to make a similar impact to the IPv6 Internet, as Netscape did to the IPv4 Internet.”

Mr. Hughes developed and delivered training in PKI and cryptography for VeriSign – the pioneer company in PKI, which reached a market cap of US$21 billion in 2000 – on an international level. This experience gives him unique insight into PKI and has inspired him to simplify its use for secure applications.

As co-founder and first CTO of CipherTrust, which is based in Atlanta, Georgia, Mr. Hughes spearheaded the creation of IronMail, the first secure e-mail proxy. CipherTrust grew from six people in Mr. Hughes’ basement in 2000 to 250 people in 2006, when it was sold to SecureComputing for US$273.6 million.

Mr. Brijesh Pande, Managing Partner of ICT Fund I, said: “Sixscape is a truly disruptive cryptography company, with authentication and encryption solutions that enable secure and scalable communications and transactions. Sixscape’s unique distributed PKI technology has the potential to make military-grade encryption and authentication possible for large-scale deployment in the IoT and 5G era.”


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About Sixscape Communications

Sixscape Communications specializes in Next Generation secure communications solutions including cryptographic authentication for web and apps. We are pioneering an entirely new End2End Direct Connectivity paradigm made possible by IPv6 that eliminates intermediary servers. This improves security, availability and in many cases, performance, compared to legacy Client/Server architecture. We are creating a family of secure communications apps for Windows and mobile devices that will revolutionize how we communicate on the IPv6 Internet. This technology is also relevant to the Internet of Things (IoT) and M2M (Machine to Machine) communication.

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About Tembusu ICT Fund I

Tembusu ICT Fund I is a venture capital fund established in 2015 which focuses on promising early-stage software companies. It is the only software-focused fund in Singapore and one of six funds selected by the National Research Foundation (NRF) as part of the Early Stage Venture Fund (ESVF) II scheme, which promotes co-investment in local startups alongside capital invested by NRF.

The General Partners of Tembusu ICT Fund I are Tembusu Partners and Pepri Ventures (the investment vehicle of Mr. Brijesh Pande, Managing Partner of Tembusu ICT Fund I). Tembusu ICT Fund I portfolio companies include Deskera, Vi Dimensions, Latize and Sixscape.

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About Tembusu Partners

Tembusu Partners is a private equity investment firm investing in promising early and growth-stage companies, with a view to generate optimal returns for both investee companies and investors. Headquartered in Singapore, its primary geographical markets are within Emerging Asia – comprising China, India and Southeast Asia.

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